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White House invite declined by South Carolina women’s basketball champions



South Carolina’s ladies’ b-ball group, which captured their first national championship at the Women’s Final Four in April, have declined an encouragement to visit the White House.

President Donald Trump hosted the school sports title groups in a gathering at the White House on Friday, yet the Gamecocks were not among them.

“We heard from the White House about going to (Friday’s) occasion, yet we won’t have the capacity to attend,” South Carolina coach Dawn Staley said in an announcement Thursday night. “As I’ve been stating since our practices for this season began, the greater part of our attention is on the season ahead. The main welcome we are considering is to the 2018 NCAA competition.”

Staley said after her group won the NCAA title in April that it would go to the White House if welcomed on the grounds that “it’s what it remains for. It’s what national champions do.” She told the Associated Press in late September that she hadn’t gotten a welcome and “that said a lot.”

The fourth-positioned Gamecocks opened their title guard a week ago and have won their initial three amusements, including a 66-36 prevail upon Clemson on Thursday in front of Sunday’s home diversion against Wofford.

Trump sparred with proficient athletes earlier this year when NBA star Stephen Curry said his title winning Golden State Warriors didn’t wish to meet with Trump. The quarrel emitted as Trump was lambasting NFL competitors for bowing in protest during the national song of praise.

North Carolina’s men’s ball group said not long ago it couldn’t concur on a date for a visit. Trump facilitated the Clemson Tigers football team at the White House in June.

The Super Bowl champion New England Patriots and Stanley Cup winning Pittsburgh Penguins both acknowledged solicitations to the official manor prior this year.

Amid a trade of merriments with the Maryland men’s and ladies’ lacrosse groups, who each caught national titles, Trump kidded they should maybe both play each other. When he spotted senior aggressor Dylan Maltz wearing a tie with the name Trump recorded in the example, the president got the adornment for a photograph with the understudy competitor.

When he met in the Red Room with West Virginia University’s co-ed rifle group, who brought home the school’s fifth successive NCAA title in March, the president jested, “Second Amendment, isn’t that so? Spare the Second Amendment!” before telling the gathering their state had an “incredible senator” and was encountering financial development.

Different champions to meet with Trump on Friday included Arizona State ladies’ marathon, Florida baseball, McKendree’s ladies’ knocking down some pins, Penn State ladies’ rugby, Texas A&M ladies’ equestrian and men’s indoor track, Utah skiing, Virginia men’s tennis, Washington ladies’ paddling and the men’s golf, softball and men and ladies’ vaulting groups from the University of Oklahoma.

John F Kennedy was the principal president to have the NBA champions, when the Boston Celtics went by in January 1963. The visit turned into a yearly event under Ronald Reagan.

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The Art of Running Set Plays and Scoring More Points




It appears that nearly everybody loves to draw up set plays and concoct better approaches to get simple basins for their group.

It’s not surprising on the grounds that there’s nothing more energizing than drawing up an uncommon play to get a crate when you truly require it!

Envision for a minute…

Your group is around one.

There’s 8 seconds left in the amusement.

You draw up an uncommon play amid time an out.

Your players execute to flawlessness…

Furthermore, your group makes a totally open lay up all right signal goes off and they win!!!

Does it show signs of improvement than that?

I think this is the reason such a significant number of individuals are captivated by the set play and they’re continually attempting to discover new ones. It’s a great deal of fun!

Be that as it may, before we get too far, we should characterize a set play so we’re all in agreement…

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Ball Handling – A Brief Outlook




The difference between dribbling and ball handling is intent. Dribbling is the skill of controlling the ball as you bounce it to the floor. Ball handling (at least 1 aspect of ball handling) is what you do with that dribble.

Whether you use it to go to the basket, make a passing angle, escape from pressure or anything else, those situations have to be imagined and practiced.

Here are some situational drills:

  • Full Court Lay-ups – Start on the baseline. Dribble full court with right hand in 5 dribbles and make a lay-up, come back with left hand. Then reduce the number of dribbles to 4 and then to 3.
  • Chair Changes – Place a chair about 21 feet from the basket. It can be on top, on the wing, or in the corner. Start about 8-10 feet beyond the chair. Dribble straight at the chair. At the chair, use a change of direction dribble (crossover, inside out, behind back, etc) to go beyond the chair and make a lay-up. Try to get to the point where you only need one dribble to get to the lay-up. Practice all the changes.
  • Two up – Two back – Set a chair such as in the drill above. Take 2 hard dribbles at the chair. When reaching the chair, take 2 backup dribbles. After the second dribble, push ahead into 1 dribble lay-up or pull-up jumpshot.
  • Dropstep Dribble – (works on footwork and ballhanding)
  • Chair Curl – This is another great multi use drill. It combines shooting, ball handling and speed and high intensity change in direction.
  • Chair Curl Phase 2 (With 2 Chairs)
  • Two Ball Dribbling Drills & Moves – Excellent way to improve one on one moves.
  • Basketball Pick and Roll Drills

Shooting drills can also be adapted to work on ball handling aspects by adding changes of direction and pivoting to create 1 and 2 dribble opportunities for either jumpers or lay-ups.

Once you have developed a feel for the ball, it’s very important that you practice your ball handling in competitive, game-like situations with defenders present. In the DVD 30 Competitive Skill Development Drills, you will find 12 drills that are specific to improving your ball handling skills in game-like situations.

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Argument with Hornacek Led to Noah’s Leave From Knicks




The veteran forward Joakim Noah was allowed time far from the Knicks after no less than one warmed contention with Coach Jeff Hornacek, as indicated by two individuals with information of the question.

The formally expressed purpose behind Noah’s nonappearance from the Knicks’ last two recreations was “personal reasons.” But the Knicks and Noah consented to what adds up to a chilling period after an enthusiastic trade with Hornacek, as indicated by the general population, who are not approved to examine the circumstance freely.

The Knicks declined to remark on Monday.

The contention happened at the Knicks’ training on Wednesday in Denver and prompted Noah leaving the group.

Talks between the Knicks and Noah, a two-time previous All-Star, for him to rejoin the club are planned for in the not so distant future, as per the general population.

Hornacek at first declared Noah would miss no less than two amusements, yet that will extend to four in the event that he doesn’t come back to the group for Wednesday’s excursion to Boston. Noah has just been discounted of Tuesday’s home date with Brooklyn.

In the second year of a four-year, $72 million get that is broadly viewed as one of the greatest budgetary weights in the class, Noah showed up in just six of the Knicks’ initial 47 recreations before his disastrous stretch against the Warriors.

Noah entered the Knicks’ amusement at Golden State last Tuesday with 10:09 staying in control and the Knicks trailing by just 10 focuses in spite of playing without the harmed Kristaps Porzingis. Be that as it may, Hornacek pulled Noah after just 4:31, with Golden State’s pave the way to 16 by that stage in transit to a 123-111 triumph.

Noah was unmistakably vexed after his evacuation. He went to the Knicks’ training last Wednesday in Denver however was no longer with the group Thursday, when it assimilated a 130-118 misfortune to the Nuggets.

At the point when gotten some information about Noah a week ago by correspondents going with the group, Hornacek stated: “We’re not going to remark on that stuff. Personal reasons. He won’t be with us the following couple of amusements.”

Noah, who turns 33 in February, was conveyed to the Knicks by the previous group president Phil Jackson however has been a nonfactor for them. Noah’s first season in New York was damaged by knee damage that required surgery in February 2017, trailed by a 20-diversion suspension for abusing the alliance’s antidrug strategy.


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